African mother and daughter

African mother and daughter

African mother and daughter – a wonderful little painting by a 7 year old in one of my art classes!! I had been giving them some information and African pics to look at and then we did some spontaneous drawings and paintings. I was delighted with this little one done by perhaps the youngest in the class – I believe he captured these ladies perfectly with a wonderfully naive style perhaps reflecting the country’s simplicity as well.

About kayknights

Growing up in South Africa affects you profoundly, you never really lose those memories that drift through your mind like those wisps of smoke when sitting around the bush camp boma. The incredible beauty and peace of the bush remains tantalizingly close - the majesty of the wild bush, the violence of the thunderstorms, the starkness of a tree against a red sunset, the friendliness of the people juxtaposed with the past cruelty - there is no country quite like it. Now I am living in Australia I find I still return to Africa through my painting, printmaking and sculpture in between my trips there. I hope to share my love of the wild with other people.
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